Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a never-ending process, it seems, collecting all the tidbits. Here's a Rehearsal video story I missed early - look for Ryan at 1:04.

I also uploaded all of the songs as they were sung at the San Francisco City Hall Inauguration sendoff concert. So, for your enjoyment:

America the Beautiful
An American Hymn
Hymn to Freedom
An Exhortation
Give Us Hope
I Hear America Singing
Check out this AWESOME Zoomable Photo of the Inauguration. See if you can find Ryan. Need help? Look for Yo-Yo Ma (clicking away with his camera in the middle of the upper terrace). The boy in the red cap right behind Yo-Yo's head - with glasses and hat NOT over his ears - looks darn familiar. Thank you Woody Delp!

Were you at the inauguration? Let us know how to find you in this photo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here are two songs. Look for Blanca at about 2:05 and Ryan at about 2:33.

Video from the boys coming home. No Ryan but some nice sentiments. (And a BIG Thank You to Carrie for owning an I-Phone.....we were celebrating - lovely drinks at the A Donkey & A Goat wine event, then grabbing a bite at Luka's....when we checked his flight info to see they were going to be AN HOUR EARLY at SFO! Yikes! High-tailed it out of there at 8:20 (Uptown Oakland) and was waiting at baggage claim just as they came down the escalator at 8:40. Sometimes having a gas-sucking powerful car is a good thing....though not very often so no hate-mail please. I'll just attribute it to my powerful navigation skills.

Ryan update: Home sick - on the couch. Big cough. But happy, watching the taped version of the Inauguration. Front row seat, you know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How would you have liked to sit here? Seems like a good seat to me.

The boys and girls:

One of the best links I've seen today is from the local KRON. There are three videos - the second and third have Ryan.....look for him in his blue glasses as they pan from the far lefthand side down, down, down, and then there he is. His flight was due in at 9:30 tonight but got in an hour earlier, so he was home and in bed by 10:30 (still 1:30am to his internal clock). He's safe, sound and happy - seems to understand the importance of the day, and only complained about his feet being cold while standing outside at the CBS Early Show....his foot warmers weren't working.

Monday, January 19, 2009

SFBC has kindly put up a WHERE TO WATCH page. Check it out for ideas about how to catch the boys tomorrow. Also, there were cameras at the rehearsals today from Channel 2 KTVU and Channel 4 KRON so watch those programs or go to their websites tonight or tomorrow for possible coverage.
Here is a Local CBS web link for the CBS Early Show from this morning's appearance. As of right now (6:30pm) the first two videos feature the boys.

Here's the view the boys will have tomorrow.

The Inauguration Legoland masterpiece on video (sorry for the 20 second commercial beforehand):

Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the South Lawn of the Capitol Building. Ryan is 2nd row, closest to camera.

Arlington Cemetary (See Ryan's pony tail in the last row here).

Unfurling a 30-foot flag at Ft. McHenry-where the words to the Star Spangled Banner were written at the Battle of Baltimore. Ryan is looking up.

Shooting a video on the steps of the Library of Congress.

Images are starting to come back from DC...and they're pretty phenomenal. There is link after link....I highly suggest doing a Google news article search for San Francisco Boys Chorus to see what has posted as the latest news.

Cool Legoland model of the Inauguration proceedings has been built. Anyone up for a trip to Legoland? Even the choruses are represented....backing up Aretha, no less.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The official letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein that began the journey:

A great article and interview with chorus director Ian Robertson: San Francisco Sentinel.

Ryan and vocal coach Jimmy outside of a rehearsal:

And with Jimmy after the City Hall concert:

The REAL reason Ryan loves going to rehearsals (okay not really but it makes you wonder):

These two photos are not the same day. I would say that about half the boys seem to have these personal game systems (Ryan belongs to the other half). I swear I cannot believe the number of boys that can gather around a 3"x5" video screen. But they do. Every single time. Backstage at Davies; backstage at Calvary; breaks at rehearsal; at the airport; on the buses; etc. etc. It really is hilarious. So because mean mom won't allow him to get one, the next best thing is for him to watch his friends...and a few times, they have even allowed him to use theirs and that is a HUGE thrill for him.

Ryan's school shows it's support:

From Monday, January 15 - Here's a local ABC video with the boys. Ryan is about 21 seconds in....look for the blue glasses.

A reunion of sorts - Ryan and Blanca attended the same school for six years. She is now in 6th grade (and as Ryan duly noted and you can see here....has GROWN a lot over the last year!) They sang together in that school chorus often, and had many duets, trios and quartets with one another at their school concerts. Now he'll represent the SF Boys Chorus and she'll represent the SF Girls Chorus at the Inauguration:

The send-off concert, hosted by Mayor Newsom, at San Francisco City Hall:

Proud outside City Hall:

Ryan and his friend Kyle:

Ryan and his friend Van, who in Ryan's and my opinion, is the funniest (and nicest) boy in all of SFBC:

KTVU news was filming at the airport. We got there towards the end of them taping the segment, so Ryan sang the last song but that clip didn't make the cut. However, you can see him at the beginning of the video still and at the end on the far righthand side - look for the curly hair and edge of blue glasses.

The KTVU clip.

Where ARE my PEOPLE? I said NO PAPPARAZZI at the airport!

Good luck my beautiful boy.